Unlimited Turkey- Worst Copywriting Ever

May 11, 2009



Lost in translation? I think so, what a horrible campaign slogan! Unlimited Turkey? Sounds delicious. Obviously Turkey is unaware that in the U.S. & UK we actually eat something called Turkey ALL THE TIME. WTF were they thinking?! This campaign was created by the ÖYKÜ Agency so I guess all questions should be fielded to them.

Here’s a link to what people are saying on Twitter so you can actually read the image I posted next to the bus ad.

EDIT: The art direction is horrible too. Look at how badly photoshopped in the people are. The one with the mom and kid in the water getting their picture taken is the worst! They just cut off their legs to make them look submerged! OMG. I am going to submit this to photoshop disasters today.

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