Mug Shooter By Src

July 10, 2009



MUG SHOOTER is a screensaver that takes a unique mug shot of you and shares it to the world. A special camera that uses the automatic face recognition system morphs your facial expressions as you move parts of your face. Play around, have fun, and post a unique mug shot of yourself!

Check out all the other files on Src’s site they have some really innovative screen toys they’ve developed. I particularly like the dropclock screensaver.

I think too many people are directing their focus entirely to online and overlooking offline downloads that can provide deep interactions that last longer than online. The real sweetspot I think is when the desktop apps integrate with online crowdsourced content/cloud interactions, which is what the Mug shooter does, it downloads and updates the images in the screensaver library from international submissions.

Found via: Like Cool

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