Audiodome Soundbox

May 15, 2010

SoundBlox is a project by Bodo LenschTill Bovermann, René Tünnermann and an ongoing research by Tangible Auditory Interfaces exploring audio as a natural affiliate to physical objects. It is based on work, Till Bovermann developed and implemented during his PhD time at Bielefeld University. The site includes many projects and variations on the theme that somewhat deserve a post of their own. SoundBlox is an interactive installation developed at Animax, Bonn in cooperation with the Ambient Intelligence Group of the CITEC, Bielefeld. The installation offers the public opportunity to engage with sound loops via 60cm crates laid out in the 6×6m space. SoundBlox behaves like music sequencer, where each cube triggers a sound loop, depending on their position and orientation. See video below. Included are also prototyping images which you can also find here.

Markers, as well as marker tracking were drawn from the reacTIvision project.

Audiodome SoundBlox – Sequencer from on Vimeo.

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