The BossTracker5000

The BossTracker5000

February 8, 2012

I haven’t ever posted a personal project to My Future Me before but I felt like this one was absolutely worth sharing. My boss Jason Peterson can be a hard guy to track down, to solve this problem I created a funky little device that takes his picture and posts it to Twitter every time he sits down and gets up, the BossTracker5000.

The device is triggered by a reed-switch sensor that monitors magnetic proximity. The signal is sent through an Arduino board to a Processing sketch, which tells the computer to snap a webcam photo of Peterson and upload it to Twitpic with a saying chosen from a pool of prewritten zingers. The Twitpic post is immediately loaded to the BossTracker5000′s Twitter feed. Voila! A chair that tweets.

Here is a general flow for how it works:

2 boss tracker how it works The BossTracker5000

A few samples of the tweets that are randomized along with the snapped photo:

“Crouching tiger, sitting Jason.”
“Sit happens.”
“I’m in my office if you’d like to play Monopoly. And by play Monopoly, I mean do my expense reports.”
“I’m back, and business is takin’ care of me.”
“I heard the ice cream truck!”

Here is what the physical device looks like installed:

7 bosstracker making3 The BossTracker5000

The BossTracker5000 is live! See it in action at

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