Stone Spray

Stone Spray 3D Printing with Sand

August 13, 2012

Created by Petr Novikov, Inder Shergill and Anna Kulik, Stone Spray is a construction method which uses soil as the base material and a liquid binder to solidify the soil granules. The device uses an Arduino UNO, Processing application and a custom built jet spray system to deposit the mix of soil and binder, for constructing architectural shapes.

The process is as interesting as the final result (see embedded document below). Whereas normally 3d printing involves somewhat similar material laying as the structure grows, StoneSpray varies the method as the object being made gets bigger. For example for objects up to 30mm the tool paths are done in a straight line. From 30mm-60mm this is done in a spiral and finally anything over 60mm uses a triangular spiral path.


Stone Spray Project from Stone Spray on Vimeo.


Here’s the Project Page


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